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If you find the equipment a DJ uses important, or just interesting, this page is for you.  I have worked in this business for over twenty five years.  In that time I have found, in order to give an audience my best, I need to have the best.  For that reason I demand the finest equipment.  In every area the equipment I use is not only "Professional Grade" but is also from the very best manufacturers in the industry.  I am proud of every piece of equipment I use, so Hi-Fi enthusiasts and just interested parties, here is a list of my equipment.

Emulator - Multi Touch, Transparent, DJ Screen


Emulator.    Lake DJ now offers “Emulator – The Future of DJing.” Emulator is the worlds FIRST transparent, touch sensitive, DJ screen. Emulator is a 42 inch, SEE THROUGH, Multi-Touch, DJ System that allows the crowd to see exactly what the DJ is doing.  It also gives our DJ another way to communicate with the audience. This brings the whole show to a new level.  The art of DJ'ing is now part of the event's lightshow, this is the next level in DJ performance!  Emulator controls the Volume, Play, Cue and many other DJ functions. There are less that 15 Emulator's in the USA, and Lake DJ has one.

Emulator on YouTube


Dell M6400 Mobile Workstation & Vostro 3750




Processors          Intel Quad Core Extreme Edition (M4600) 

                                2nd generation Intel Core i5 (Vostro)

RAM                      4.0GB (M4600)    4.0GB (Vostro)

Hard Drive           320GB (M4600)   500GB (Vostro)

2nd Hard Drive   320GB (M4600)

Screen                  17 inch Wide (M4600)

                                17 inch Wide (Vostro)

MP3 Files              Over 20,000 Songs Loaded. (M4600)

                                Over 20,000 Songs Loaded. (Vostro)

                                (Over 4 Million Songs Available at Venues With Wi-Fi Access)


Virtual DJ Software:


TRAKTOR PRO 2 is the world-renowned, rock-solid 4-deck DJ program This version boasts a new interface with TruWave colored waveforms for a visually rich experience of your music.  is the control interface use to control the Emulator DJ Screen. 

PCDJ-VJ.    One of the key features of this new innovative product is Ultra-Accurate Automatic Beat-Mixing, so that audio tracks and videos will always stay in sync, allowing my to focus on the other aspects of the event.  PCDJ-VJ offers many choices for control: Keyboard & Mouse, any MIDI controller, Time-code, or a USB device.  I use the Denon DN-HC4500 Which looks and feels like the Denon DN-9000  CD Plays seen below.  PCDJ-VJ coupled with the Denon DN-HC4500 allows for seamless looping, scratching and beat mixing of all supported formats.  PCDJ-VJ also offers Beat-locked effects, a live camera feed, master tempo, and scrolling text. 

Sound Cards


If you are using a computer to play music, a Professional Sound Card is Vital.  Many DJ's use the computers internal sound card.  The typical "consumer-grade" computer soundcard is intended for generic home and office purposes, with an emphasis on casual use, rather than the needs of Audio Professionals.  Consumer soundcards are also limited in the effective sampling rates and bit depths they can actually manage.  Again, a Professional Sound Card is Vital for a quality performance.

KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 is a premium-quality 6-channel Professional Sound Card.  It provides everything a DJ need to record, play and perform music, with MIDI and low-latency performance. The KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 is a high-gain Professional Sound Card for DJs who demand premium sound quality and extra-loud output

Audio 2 DJ is a high quality, ultra-mobile Professional Sound Card for digital DJs using DJing software.  the Audio 2 DJ is designed for DJs who want ultra reliability with no compromise on audio quality.  Even though it's the smallest DJ USB Professional Sound Card in the world, it still has enough punch to rock the world's biggest clubs.  For Lake DJ the Audio 2 DJ  is our back-up sound card for KOMPLETE AUDIO 6

CD Players:

Denon DN-9000.    The worlds most advanced duel CD players.  These Players are packed with many unbelievable features.  But the one I consider the most amazing is, what Denon calls "Alpha Track."  One of eight world firsts for these CD players.  Alpha track allows a DJ not only to listen to one track on a CD, while playing another track FROM THE SAME CD - it also allows you to simultaneously play two tracks FROM THE SAME CD.  Amazing !



Denon DN-X800.    The worlds first Professional Digital/Analog Mixer for DJ’s.  Yes Digitally Linked to the DN-9000 CD players for Crystal clear reproduction.

Behringer UB1832FX Pro.   Six microphone, six stereo channels and professional EQ.  I use the 1832 when I am mixing ceremony music and the Shure wireless  lavalier microphone being used by the Minster.  The UB1832FX also has a built-in effects processor for those great Karaoke performances.



Bose 802 III.    I have Twelve of these amazing speakers, however just four are enough for most venues.  When Dr. Bose released the 802 model he set the standard for professional loud speakers for years to come.  Redesigned with a new Panaray Digital controller, the Mark III provides even better sound reproduction.  Each speaker handles 240 watts continuous - That's 480 watts peak power, (Four speakers at 480 each for a total of almost 2000 watts !!!).  Bose is a company known for quality, and these are their flagship professional loudspeakers.


QSC - PLX3606, PLX3002 & PLX2402.  Bose - V1800. The PLX range give studio quality sound, using power-wave technology, to produce bigger bass and cleaner highs.  The 3602 is rated at 3600 watts continuous (1800 watts per channel in Stereo). The 3002 is rated at 3000 watts continuous (1500 watts per channel in Stereo), while the 2402 is rated at 2400 watts continuous (1200 watts per channel in Stereo).  The Bose V1800 is rated at 1800 watt continuous (900 watts per channel in stereo) and is ideally matched to the Bose 802 speakers.  Combined that is a total of 10,800 Watts !!



Shure ULX Professional Beta 87 Handheld,  Shure WL184 Lavalier Wireless, Shure 55SH, Beta 87, Beta 58 and SM58's

The Beta range of Microphone is the choice of top professionals the world over.  The Beta 87 leads the field in studio quality sound for live performances, while the SM58 has been the industry standard for years, and is legendary for it's stage work.  For me a microphone is my way of communicating with you, so it has to be the best, and Shure are the best.  For style and performance the Shure 55SH (Elvis Mic) just cant be beaten.  The list of top performers who use Shure Microphone is endless. The Shure ULX Professional wireless system, is UHF (Better than VHF), with over 1400 selectable pre-programmed frequencies, to ensure locating a clear channel.  I know that many people find making a speech nerve racking, however with Shure professional microphones, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. 



Martin MX4 Showtime Package.    The Showtime Package has four Martin MX4 Scanners working together.  The MX4 is a sequence, or sound animated, moving-mirror spotlight, with 15 colors and 19 Gobos (Shapes).  These four scanners, Mounted on stands, send different shapes and colors of light, across the dance floor or across the entire room, if desired. 

Martin Robocolour II.  Four color changing heads in a single unit.  Unlike the MX4's the light from the Robocolour does not move, but give an ever changing color wash.  The speed of the changing colors is controlled be the music being played.   

Antari Fog Machine.  The affects from both light systems can be dramatic, but to really see these exciting systems steal the show,  just add Smoke from my smoke machine produces 2,500 Cubic feet of fog per minute.  Don't worry ,I only use it at your request.

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