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Emulator is a Multi Touch DJ Surface
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Emulator Is a See Through DJ Screen
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Emulator Allows the Crowd to See What the DJ is Doing
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Emulator - The Future of DJing IS HERE

Multi-Touch Professional DJ System

Lake DJ now offers Emulator

Emulator is the world's first and only transparent, touch sensitive, DJ screen. It is a 42 inch, SEE THROUGH DJ screen, which controls the Volume, Play, Cue and many more DJ functions. There are less than 15 in the USA.

Emulator is the most revolutionary experience for DJ’s and their audience in the last 30 years. Emulator brings back the art of DJing, by allowing DJ’s to communicate and interact with the audience. Emulator for Traktor is a complete multi-touch midi controller software with over 130 buttons, knobs and faders covering all common DJ features. Emulator’s see through screen allows the crowd to see what the DJ is doing and more importantly, gives the DJ another way to communicate with the audience.

From "Wired" Review

DJs are pretty boring to watch. (Editor’s note: Reviewer is a DJ, so back off) The Emulator DVS changes that. Looking like something lifted from the nightclub in Tron: Legacy, it’s a giant dashboard for selecting and mixing tracks.... a 42-inch infrared touchscreen: The glass bursts to life with throbbing neon buttons, sliders, and knobs. And because the screen is transparent, the audience can watch as you swipe, twist, and tap to keep the beats bumping.