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Unique Lighting Option


The music had a lot to do with the mood of the crowd. Not to mention he has a light set up that turns the elegant Edgewood into a dance club, included in his base fee.

Kate H. Sacramento, CA

My guests were on the dance floor the entire night and every time a new song came on, it just got people dancing more. He read the crowd so well. We had people from age 19-75 on the dance floor all night. All of my guests commented during the wedding and after on how great my DJ was.

Ashley S Sacramento, CA

On the day of our wedding the pin light was there and beautifully set up to illuminate our cake.

Jackie A Sacramento, CA

By 11:00 PM, no one was leaving!! Everyone was on the dance floor! We decided to extend the reception right before Derek called Last Song. Derek did not hesitate at all to play longer for us.

Tammy M. Fairfield, CA

I must say what I was most impressed about was his setup. Lake DJ is EXCELLENT. We couldn't be happier with the service we received! I recommend them for any wedding, birthday celebration, or other party where you want to have a great time!!!

Bob and Lindsey Las Vegas, NV

His equipment is the fanciest thing I've ever seen and his British accent is quite charming :) If you’re looking for an extremely professional, not cheesy, DJ he's your guy.

Dana T. San Diego, CA
LakeDJ Uplighting at the Hyatt


Uplighting can transform a plan room to create a truly magical backdrop for your day.

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Projected Monogram by LakeDJ


Personalize your event with a signature monogram of your initials, names or wedding date

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LakeDJ Dancefloor Lighting

Dancefloor Lighting

When appropriate we include dancefloor lighting, currently a red/green laser and “MoonFlower”

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Accented Cake at Edgewood

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting, like pinspots, can make your cake or center pieces or other décor stand out.

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DJ in front of lighting rig

Night Club Lighting

A nightclub lighting rig is not appropriate for every venue, but can REALLY create an atmosphere

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LakeDJ Moon Ballon Light at The Hyatt

Moon Balloons

A Moon Balloon Light is a really unique way to make an outdoor event different.

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Wedding and Event Lighting Options


Uplighting is the art of painting with light to create a truly magical backdrop for your wedding or event. Uplighting can transforming your venue and adding ambiance. It can turn a plan room into a unique colorful space.

At LakeDJ Entertainment we offer new LED Uplighting fixture to deliver stunning colors. Our lights use high output Red, Green Blue and Amber LED’s. By mixing these four color, we can offer different shades and colors to match or accent you décor.


Personalize your event with your own projected Monogram. We help our clients create a custom designed monogram, which can me projected onto the dancefloor, wall or even a ceiling. The Monogram can be as simple as your initials. Or it can include your names and wedding date.

Dancefloor Lighting

When it is appropriate we include lighting for the dancefloor with all our wedding packages. At the moment we use a Red/Green Laser, and a four head LED “MoonFlower” color changer. We are always looking to “upgrade” so please check our current dancefloor lighting when booking.

Accent Lighting

LakeDJ Entertainment can provide PinSpots to accent the room. PinSpots produce very narrow beam of light which is perfect for accenting floral arrangements, table center pieces, cakes or other décor. PinSpots can make your cake or center pieces stand out in a dark room, without flooding the whole room with light

You can PinSpot every guest table in the room or just your special items such as the wedding cakes.

Night Club Lighting Rigs

At LakeDJ entertainment we offer a full Night Club style lighting rig. Lighting from Martin, Elation and Chauvet including new intelligent Moving Head Profile SmartMac’s, Scanners, Color Changers, Laser, and MoonFloors.

Or go “Retro” and add a Mirror Ball and Pin Spots.

NOTE – Not available at all venues. Additional space and set-up time is required

Moon Balloon Lights

For outdoor venues a Moon Balloon Light is unique lighting option that we can provide. When set up the 5 foot diameter illuminated balloon looks like a giant moon above your party or event. Mounted on a stand high above the party this inflatable balloon light create a unique look. A Moon Balloon is about 5 feet in diameter and projects light in all directions, without creating any glare or "spotlight" effect.