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DJ Questions

DJ Question

10 Questions to ask before booking a DJ

  1.  Are you a Full-Time Professional DJ, or is this your "Part Time" job?
  2.  Will you personally be the DJ's at my event?
  3.  Are you insured?
  4.   Do you have a list of the equipment you use?
  5.   How long have you been DJing?
  6.   Do you belong to any professional or trade organizations?
  7.    Can we select our own music?
  8.    Do you CARRY "Back Up" equipment to the event?
  9.    Do you take breaks?
  10.    What do you usually wear to an events?


Answer 1:  Are you a Full-Time Professional DJ, or is this your "Part Time" job?

Many DJ are not full-time, but have other full-time job, and only DJing as a hobby.  Part-time DJ's can be good, but you should be careful, they are less likely to have the time needed to fully prepare for your event.  And in most cases their full-time job will always take precedence over your wedding.

LAKE DJ is our Full-Time Profession.


Answer 2:  Will you personally be the DJ's at my event?

Some DJ companies are actually "Booking Agencies" and have a number of DJ's working for them. If you are lucky enough to get their best DJ, they will be experienced and fully qualified. However some of their other DJ's will not be as proficient.

At LAKE DJ we do not book any other DJ's to work for us. Our sole focus is always the event we are playing at.


Answer 3:  Are you insured?

Any reputable business will carry full insurance.

At LAKE DJ we have full public liability insurance with the American DJ Association.


Answer 4:  Do you have a list of the equipment you use?

Many sites will advise you ask if a DJ's equipment is "Professional."  However there are vast differences between equipment, whether it's "Professional" or not.  Any DJ who is proud of the equipment they use, will have a list available, or even more likely, pictures and descriptions posted on their website. 

At LAKE DJ we only use the very best equipment, with names like Bose, Denon, Dell, Shure and Martin. In every case there are less expensive versions of our equipment. However we do not believe in saving money at the expense of quality. To see a full list of the equipment we use, please Click Here


Answer 5:  How long have you been DJing?

While it is not necessary to have many years of experience, it is helpful.  And while every DJ has to start somewhere, should it really be at your event?  Some people are naturally talented, but a minimum of ten years of experience is desirable.

Derek started DJing in Clubs and Night Clubs in the late 70's, but switched to DJing mostly weddings and private parties around 1980.  Vicki Worked for rock and roll promoters in the 70's with her own radio show in the 80's.


Answer 6:  Do you belong to any professional or trade organizations?

Any Professional should always be involved in trade organizations. Many of these organizations enforce a code of ethics, and the absence of membership could indicate lower standards on the part of a DJ.  Trade organizations are also allow wedding professionals to “Network”. If the DJ knows your other vendors and networks with them regularly, they will find it easy to work together on your day. This will make your day run smoother.
Any At LAKE DJ we are members of the following trade organizations.
South Lake Tahoe Wedding and Honeymoon Association
Nevada Wedding Association
American Disc Jockey Association

Answer 7:  Can we select our own music?

Any DJ who is unwilling to accept your Playlist or take requests should not even be considered.  You should also be able to provide a "Don't Playlist".

We always ask our clients to provide a "Playlist" and a "Don't Playlist". We also offer a free consultation to discuss our client's music requests and the style of event.


Answer 8:  Do you CARRY "Back Up" equipment to the event

Many DJ's who claim to have "Back-Up" equipment, do not actually bring it with them to the event.  In some cases the equipment may even be in use elsewhere.  "Back-Up" should also mean every piece of equipment is duplicated, not just the most important pieces.  Any sound system has many parts, Amplifiers, Speakers, Equalizers, Microphones, and Computers.

At LAKE DJ we CARRY a full range of back-up equipment to every event


Answer 9:  Do you take breaks?

Unlike a band, it is unusual for a DJ to request "Breaks." However this is also a question you should ask.

At Lake DJ we don't not request any formal breaks during an event


Answer 10:  What do you usually wear to an events?

 I am sure you have heard of the DJ who turned up in jeans and a T Shirt. While I have found most DJ's are dressed appropriately, this is a another question you should ask. 

Each event is different.  Part of a consultation is to understand a Brides & Groom's style, and vision for their event.  I would normally wear a dark suit, white shirt and tie, however I also wear a tuxedo, if requested.